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TREATING COVID-19: Know your options
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TREATING COVID-19: Know your options
October 22, 2020
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In March, at the start of the pandemic, so little was known about the Coronavirus that treating COVID-19 seemed to many, like a shot in the dark. And the uninsured, feeling left without any options, suffered greatly as they delayed seeking care. The purpose of this conversation is to provide a trusted space for our community to engage experts in understanding the realities of COVID-19 and communities of color. “Treating COVID-19” will explore the options available, should you or someone you know contract COVID-19; and will discuss topics such as:
Levels of COVID-19 Severity and When to Seek Medical Treatment
Treatment Options
The Opportunity in Telehealth Services
What You Need to Know About The Cares Act
Options For the Uninsured (RetroActive, Medicaid, etc.)

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